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  • Kursus Penyuntingan Artikel Ilmiah
    Date : 25/4/2014
    Venue : KPTM Kuala Lumpur
    Time : 8.30 am – 5.30 pm
    Speaker : PM Dr. Zuraidah Mohd Sanusi
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Welcome To Faculty/Department Official Website

Research and Innovation Center (RICE) started to operate in January 2014. RICE is administered by the Head of Deputy Registrar and Senior Deputy Registrar, with the help of several committees that are formed by academicians of KPTMKL.

The center is created with the aim of developing academicians’ knowledge and skills in research and writing, and at the same time promoting innovation in KPTM Kuala Lumpur. RICE is also the center of connecting researchers and writers among KPTMKL, so that their knowledge can be shared. Besides that, RICE is also responsible for the innovation in KPTMKL. Ideas for innovation are gathered with the help of staff and students, and are evaluated to determine whether those ideas are feasible to be carried-out.